How to Best Secure your Recreational Bike

How to Best Secure your Recreational Bike

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If you are a bike enthusiast, a motorcycle definitely means a lot to you. Not only will it give you freedom to get to any destination without having to spend on fuel as much as when you are using a car but it also always gives you the thrill and excitement to be on the road. The feel of that wind on your face is something that can be topped rarely by other things. This is why it is very important to secure your motorcycle when you have it parked at home or outside.How to Best Secure your Recreational Bike

Like your house or office, the bike will also benefit of locks and keys for security. There are tons of motorcycle locks out there. These locks are great but they can also be very expensive. However, if you look around, there are a number of options that you can find without having to spend that much. Here are some of the best choices you can opt for.

Chain lock and anchor

What is the best way to steal a motorcycle? If you think about it, riding a stolen bike increases the risk of getting caught. Most bike thieves will therefore opt for lifting the bike and loading it in a van. The best way to secure your bike is to have a chain lock and anchor. This will stop any attempt to lift the bike. Be sure to have a 16mm hardened chain so bolt cutters will be useless. The lock should also be one that is hard to pick. No matter how secured your lock is, it’s always vital to keep your keys safe. In case you lost your keys, a lock change would be recommended. While key replacement is possible, it’s best to have the locks changed if you want to make sure that no one would have access to your bike even if they find the old key.

Alarm system

Thieves always go for super sport bikes. They are cool and often times a lot easier to sell despite of their high price. If you have a superbike, be sure to up the level of your security by having an alarm system installed. Remember that the major risk in the life of a motorcycle thief, or any thief for that matter, is getting caught. A good alarm system almost always assures you that he gets caught red handed.

Thieves always make it a point to get your property without getting caught. It is therefore your responsibility to secure your property at all times. Make him work on your bike to the point where he gets caught. The chain lock and anchor, coupled with a good alarm system can get this done right.  Moreover, get the lock fixed immediately if you see any damage.

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