How to Program Electric Locks

How to Program Electric Locks

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The great thing about electric locks is that they free our hands from keys. They work with a keypad and so we don't have to worry about losing our keys anymore. House lockouts will only be a distant memory from the past! Electronic locking systems have a keypad and work once the right code is entered. Most manufacturers design the locks to work with codes from four to six digits. The product is delivered with an administration code that should be changed right away. The good thing about these systems is that you can change the code any time and as often as you want. Actually, Locksmith Caterham recommends the frequent changing of codes for security purposes. Consequently, knowing how to program the electric door locks is essential.How to Program Electric Locks

There are certainly differentiations in the way electric high security locks are programmed and it's vital for you to follow the exact instructions of the manufacturer. The process is easy and the good news is if you fail to program it correctly, you can try again. The same goes when you try to change the code and erase the previous one. When you get new locks, you will also be given a code. This is the administration code, which is pre-programmed by the factory. You will need to use this code in order to program the security door lock and it's wise to keep it for future use as well. In case all codes are erased, you might need the administration code to reprogram the lock. 

The main steps for programming electric locks 

For most electric locks, you will need to enter the administration code and then the start key before entering the code of your preference, then the start key again. For some electric locks, you might need to press a specific key for programming the keypad and another key for programming the key fob. Though, most of them will instruct you to enter the new code twice and will make a sound indicating that the programming has been successful. If you want to test that the whole procedure is completed alright, you can enter the code and then the lock/unlock button while keeping the door open. You will see the bolt of the deadlock coming out. 

If you want to delete the existing code, you should follow the same process. This is one of the cases the administration code will be useful. You will have to enter it again and then press the “delete” button or any other button is suggested for the code delete process in the manual and then your code. In most cases, you will be also given the potential to erase all codes. This time you will need the administration code once again and you will probably have to enter it twice along with the star key. If you hear any strange sounds or there is a light flashing in an odd way, you probably did something wrong or took too long to enter information. You don't have to worry about that since you can start from scratch. In any case, you must always follow the instructions of your own manual because failure to do so will not allow you to program the bolt right. We have just given you an idea of how easy it is to enter and delete codes and so how convenient electric bolts are. 

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