Why Deadbolts Offer Better Security than Regular Locks

Why Deadbolts Offer Better Security than Regular Locks

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Any professional locksmith will agree that a reliable lock system is necessary if you’re looking to boost door security for business or your home. In this case, you will need the help of deadbolt locks. Deadbolts are harder to break through as compared to a regular lock. You can get peace of mind knowing that your place is secured. While a common door knob is made of springs and can be opened by applying force, a deadbolt can only be opened with the right key.Why Deadbolts Offer Better Security than Regular Locks in Uk

The anatomy of a deadbolt lock

A deadbolt is composed of a cylinder and pin tumblers. Locksmiths find cylinders easy to fix and efficient locking mechanism. On the other hand, the pin tumblers keep the lock in place and release it only when the key matches the pin settings. In the center of the cylinder plug is a shaft and wrapped around the cylinder plug is what locksmiths call the housing. The pins are arranged in pairs, the upper and the bottom, and come in varying lengths. Each pair has a spring attached on top of the upper pin. From the housing where it’s positioned, the upper pin extends halfway through the plug where it is connected to the lower pin. The lower pin, meanwhile, is positioned completely inside the plug.

Releasing the deadbolt lock

When you insert the wrong key, the notches are pushed to different levels, but then the upper pins still extend to the plug. They still hold the lock in place. With the right key, the upper pins are pushed so that they are completely in the housing, no longer extending to the plug, while the lower pins are completely in the plug. The upper pins are lined up perfectly where the housing and the cylinder meet. Since there is no pin to bind the housing with the cylinder plug it is released, enabling you to push the bolt, and then the lock opens.

Remember though that deadbolts only work best if they are installed properly. If you still do not have a deadbolt lock in your place, call our locksmith to do install or change your lock for you.

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